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The Footballers Mindset

May 30, 2020

In todays episode I have QPR and former Bournemouth Winger Marc Pugh who's also known as The Foodie Footballer.

We Discuss:

  • His journey through the leagues with Bournemouth. From League 2 to the Premier League and what that was like to experience.
  • How he was told that he "wasn't good enough" but it was the best thing...

May 23, 2020

In todays episode I have LAPS creator Robbie Simpson. Robbie played professional football and then decided their wasn't enough support after the game finishes so he decided to do something about it! 

We discuss:

  • From going to uni into professional football
  • Making his debut at Old Trafford
  • Struggling with a constant...

May 21, 2020

This week it's mental health week and I wanted to help you think differently, so I wanted to tell you that you're not a big deal. 

  • Why no one cares about you as much as you think
  • Why the person who cares more what others think actually has the bigger ego.
  • The reason why I'm driving a 14 year old Volkswagon Golf
  • Why...

May 16, 2020

In today's episode I have the pleasure of talking to Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster.

I really enjoyed this episode as Ben is so open and honest and free to express his mind.

We discuss:

  • Why he owns every mistake and why you should too
  • The difference between Manchester United and the other clubs when it comes to...

May 9, 2020

In todays episode I have former Manchester United, West Ham and Stoke City midfielder Luke Chadwick.

Luke talks about what it was like coming through at Manchester United and how he 

  • What it was like competing with David Beckham and Ryan Giggs for a place in the Manchester United Team
  • What it was like being managed by...