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The Footballers Mindset

Dec 28, 2019

In this episode I have Newport County striker Ade Azeez.

Ade has been in the Elite Footballers Mindset for 2 months now and he's seen massive improvements in the way he thinks and feels he talks about:

  • How he came into football late and how he dealt with it.
  • How he was doing more than expected in pre season and he suddenly heard a bang which would change his season.
  • What he's learnt and how he's changed the way he thinks.
  • How he's come out of his comfort zone and started pushing his boundaries.
  • How he's decided to give back and contribute more.

If you want to download THE ELITE SCORING SYSTEM that Ade uses then click and get the scoresheet and the video on how to use it. 


If you're a professional and you want to join the ELITES then click the link below and you can CHANGE YOUR GAME ON AND OFF THE PITCH TOO.